About me

let me start by congratulating you on making it past the home page. my name is james and this section is just about how and why I’m traveling .

so lets go the beginning. at the age of 18 I join the British army after trying college and realising that wasn’t for me . I wanted an adventure . I wanted to see the world and to a point I did. within my 8 years service I had been to Canada twice ,Kenya, Germany two stop overs in Cyprus and two operational tours of Afghanistan. I  had reached 7 years by the time I decided I wanted out and within the next I was free once more.

whilst in the process of leaving the armed forces I had decided I was going to travel Europe once all the formality’s were finished as a treat to myself for 8 years of commitment. however after a drunken conversation later with a friend of mine who was going traveling to south east Asia my plans had changed and by the end of the year I was on a plane bound for Cambodia.

I will always have pure love for Cambodia . the sights the smells the people. even now I find my mind wondering back there. after Cambodia came Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. after 6 months traveling my trip was cut short but not for long. within a month of my return I had booked a one way ticket back to south east Asia for round two of my journey.

so later the same year I travelled to Myanmar . where I spent 3 weeks exploring the country. well as much as you are currently allowed to . I then once again flew back to Cambodia to spend my second xmas in a row at hacienda in otres village . it is at this point that I met my girlfriend Kirsty. after 2 weeks we had both decided we wanted to go somewhere new and we had not travelled India yet so we booked to tickets to India where we spent 3 month diving into the Indian culture . from drinking chai tea to floating down the back waters of Kerala . once the trip was over and both me and Kirsty had returned home it wasn’t long until we were booking flights  Australia to start a working holiday visa . which is where I am now .

keep your eyes pealed for my up and coming articles about my favourite places.