Traveling as a couple vs solo traveling

let me start by saying compromise. For any of you out there who has traveled with a partner you will know that compromise is the glue that binds the relationship together. their will be times when you disagree but their will also be times of pure bliss. traveling can bring out the absolute best and worst in people. however you are never alone. I meet my girlfriend traveling and can honestly say that it really does test a relationship. the stresses of catching overnight trains or  booking the right hostels  can lead to arguments gallor but traveling  together isn’t all bad . splitting the price of a room and meals definitely saves money . however with solo travel you have a lot more freedom to do what you want. go where you please. without any care in the world. only having to look after yourself or not in some cases. just the freedom to tag along with a group of people heading to an unknown destination. when you are a couple people treat you differently . in hostels especially where me and Kirsty like to spend our nights people tend to glance a look and ignore couples . I always make the to introduce myself along with Kirsty but there’s always a bit of awkwardness attached to it . if I was an individual checking in I would be greeted by a barrage of hey hello what your name ?  but this isn’t always the case.


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